Oct 3, 2022 • 28M

D91 Labs Idea Series Podcast - In conversation with Sasidhar Thumuluri

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D91 Labs
At D91 we aim to understand the financial journeys of last-mile customers. Our research attempts to bridge the knowledge and empathy gap between various stakeholders of the digital financial services community.
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Our guest for the 4th episode of the D91 Labs Idea Series is Sasidhar Thumuluri, MD and CEO of Sub-K impact solution . Sub-K is a digital finance (Fintech) company that offers affordable, accessible, and scalable financial and payment services to the underserved segment.  In this extensive interview, we ask Sasidhar some hard questions about digitizing the decades-old business model of cash-based MFI loan repayments. Sub-K has witnessed steady growth in the number of digital repayment made by its borrowers. This interview could be relevant to MFI institutions and researchers.


About the D91 Labs Idea Series   The D91 Labs Idea Series is a platform that hosts conversations with founders, practitioners, and researchers who share our passion for improving the financial lives of the people of India with thoughtful and innovative solutions. Our hope is that these interviews and stories will inspire the industry to build and serve the underserved in India.