About D91 Labs:

D91 labs is an open-source initiative by setu.co to help Bharat build great fintech products. We organize and publish user research, insights, and frameworks for fintechs in India.

About the newsletter:

‘Tales of Bharat’ is a research-based blog from D91 Labs. We write on topics related to financial inclusion, fintech, and the financial journeys of the people of India.

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A publication from D91 Labs dedicated to fostering financial innovations by conducting high-quality research and developing fintech ideas for Bharat.


Monami Dasgupta

Head of Research, D91 Labs

Rajashree Gopalakrishnan

A multi-disciplinary designer turned researcher currently working at the intersection of Financial Inclusion and Intentional Design at D91 Labs.

D91 Labs

We are research entity within Setu that focus on fintech, financial innovation and financial inclusion.

Vinith Kurian

Senior Research Fellow - D91 Labs